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For nearly five decades, R&D/Leverage has been a world leader in the injection stretch blow mold (“ISBM”) and injection blow mold (“IBM”) industries. The Company has been granted 35 patents for technologies related to ISBM and IBM blow molds, and believes that no other company in the world can match its engineering, manufacturing and sampling knowledge and IP in these niche markets.

In addition, the Company is now an industry leader in custom injection mold building and is known for engineering true class 101+ multi-cavity molds, primarily for the medical, consumer and industrial industries. R&D/Leverage’s custom injection team specializes in large, multi-cavity molds with complex actions that produce tightly tolerance parts.

Across all business segments, R&D/Leverage prides itself on tackling its customers’ most difficult and complicated jobs – those that other mold manufacturers cannot, or will not, do. The Company doesn’t just design molds, it engineers them.

The Company tests, samples and validates all molds in-house, via its Product Solutions Labs. These PSL labs are segmented by mold type – ISBM, IBM and custom injection – and include process optimization studies and extensive process documentation, allowing us to recreate our process around the customer’s needs. When not sampling molds, R&D/Leverage utilizes its state-of-the-art ISBM, IBM, preform, and injection molding machines for short and medium production runs for its customers.

The Company operates from 188,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing facilities on a 13-acre campus in Lee’s Summit, MO.


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