Adler Industrial Solutions Acquires R&D/Leverage

September 7, 2022

Industrial tooling company’s third purchase adds domestic capabilities and expands geographic reach with U.K. facility

LEE’S SUMMIT, MO -- September 7, 2022 -- Adler Industrial Solutions, Inc. ("Adler”) announced today it has acquired R&D/Leverage, Co. ("R&D"). This transaction marks the third acquisition by Adler in the past year and gives the company expanded scale, a broader capability set, and European manufacturing facilities that serve a global customer base.

Headquartered in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, R&D is a leading manufacturer and supplier of mold types for the food and beverage, personal care, and healthcare markets. Founded in 1975 by Ivan and Ardith Drienik, the company was a pioneer in developing complex tooling solutions for the injection molding and blow molding industries. Today, R&D has over 250 employees split between its 203,460-square-foot and 60,000-square-foot manufacturing facilities in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, and Nottinghamshire, England, respectively.

“The acquisition of R&D is a milestone addition for Adler. The capabilities and skillsets of the R&D team are second to none and will only further raise the core competencies of the Adler group,” said Philipp Gruner, CEO of Adler. “Adding adjacent markets such as blow molds, injection stretch blow molds, preform molds and higher complexity injection system molds to our capabilities allows Adler to offer more services to our existing and future customers while expanding our geographic reach within the United States and internationally.”

As a part of Adler, R&D will benefit from additional resources and investment.

Ardith Drienik said the acquisition is the ideal pathway forward for the company that she and her husband, Ivan, founded and dedicated their lives to building.

“When I met the Adler founders, I knew I had found the right buyer. I wanted someone that shared my husband’s love of manufacturing and engineering, and someone who appreciates the value and contributions of the employees. I feel Ivan would agree with this decision that the Adler team’s track record, energy, and vision will make them the ideal stewards of this amazing company,” said Mrs. Drienik.

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About Adler Industrial Solutions, Inc.

Adler Industrial Solutions, Inc. launched in 2021. Through acquiring companies with niche talents and expertise, Adler offers a comprehensive network of mold makers geographically distributed to provide stronger support, shorter lead times and higher quality to its customers.

About R&D/Leverage, Inc.

Founded in 1975 by Ivan and Ardith Drienik, R&D is a leading manufacturer and supplier of molds for the food and beverage, personal care, and healthcare markets. R&D is headquartered in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, and has additional manufacturing and services facilities in Nottinghamshire, England. For more information, please visit


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