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Regardless of your mold type, the Adler network of mold makers have you covered. Our multiple facilities specialize in niche mold making sectors that allow Adler to offer complete product solutions to our customers for a successful, timely product launch.

Adler’s mold build experience in 2 Shot or Multi shot molding allows our customers to achieve multi material or multi colored parts for high volume production.

  • In-House 2-shot sampling capability in our Missouri facility.

Quality IBM molds start with quality IBM designs. Our experienced IBM design team works hand in hand with you to ensure our molds will outperform those from any competitor. Working with tight tolerance

  • Patented Genesis Manifold Technology

  • In-House Sampling and Validation

  • MWA Bottle and Tooling Inspection Labs

  • Unit Development

Adler is your contact for a variety of molds. Ranging from your simple open and shut cold runner system to the complex 96 cavity and above stack tools with hot runner controls. Our tool makers and Machine specialists have decades of expertise and are looking forward to every challenge that can come their way.

  • Extensive expertise in direct side-gate hot runner technology with a wide range of hot runner systems.

  • Complex mechanical, servo, hydraulic or pneumatic actions producing robust flash-free shut-offs.

  • True Class 101, 101+, 102 molds

For over 40 years, our experienced ISBM team has made ISBM tools for products you’ll see on shelves day in and day out. Utilizing only the best materials, our molds are built to last ensuring your first bottle will be just as good as the 1 millionth.

  • Patented Genesis Manifold Technology

  • Patented Liberty System Technology

  • In-House Sampling and Validation

  • MWA Bottle and Tooling Inspection Labs

  • Unit Development

With decades of experience in servicing both the IBM and ISBM markets, Adler is the expert in the development and manufacturing of preform molds. Our in-house engineering team will provide the right mold to meet your annual demands with guaranteed cycle times.

The benefits of plastic part piece pricing for stack molds is hard to compete in this modern-day market. Adler is here to help advise you on what steps your company needs to take to help achieve the competitive pricing for your product. Increase cavitation and productivity in a smaller molding machine if you have the daylight to open and eject parts and shot size to fill additional cavities. Nearly double the production at a cost much lower than 2 molds in 2 machines.

  • Hot runner stack mold experience with a wide range of hot runner systems – we will your preferred hot runner supplier.

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