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For decades, R&D Europe has been a world leader in the injection stretch blow mould (“ISBM”) industry. The Company has market leadership in Europe, and services customers in over 100 countries globally. R&D Europe believes that no other company in the world can match R&D’s ability to engineer and manufacture such high-quality ISBM moulds with such short lead times. R&D Europe combines leading-edge manufacturing equipment with unparalleled industry knowledge and, most importantly, a highly motivated team that is continuously striving for additional efficiencies and process improvements.

In 2023, R&D Europe entered the Injection Blow Mould (“IBM”) market. It can now offer its customer base both ISBM and IBM tooling.

The Company tests, samples and validates all moulds in-house, via its Product Solutions Labs – one for ISBM and a second for IBM moulds. These labs include process optimization studies and extensive process documentation, allowing the Company to recreate its process around the customer’s needs.

The Company has over 60,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing facilities on a 5-acre campus in Nottinghamshire, England, approximately two hours north of London.

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Mould Design

Mould Making:  Injection Blow Moulds

Mould Making: Injection Stretch Blow Moulds

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Spare Parts


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CNC Live Tooling

CNC Milling

CNC OD/ID Grinding

CNC Turning

Finite Element Analysis

Laser Welding

Mould Flow Analysis

Sinker EDM

Tight Tolerance Round Grinding

Tight Tolerance Surface Grinding

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