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Expertise in very tight tolerance low-to-mid cavitation injection molds and components for the most demanding applications

Located in Saegertown, Pennsylvania, Pinnacle Molds is a manufacturer of close-tolerance and multi-cavity plastic injection molds and ancillary products primarily for the medical, consumer goods, aerospace and industrial industries. Founded in 2001, Pinnacle Molds utilizes advanced engineering and manufacturing capabilities to provide precise, reliable, and effective customer tooling.

Pinnacle combines decades of tribal knowledge of machine and tool making, with the most advanced machinery and technology, to ensure we exceed customer expectations for even the most demanding applications. Pinnacle has developed a reputation for on-time delivery, world class project management and after-sales support.

Pinnacle tests, samples and validates all molds in-house, via its Product Solutions Lab at a nearby Adler facility in Erie. This PSL lab includes process optimization studies and extensive process documentation, allowing us to recreate our process around the customer’s needs.


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